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Product Catalogue

Speechocean, as a global provider of language resources and data services, has more than 500 large-scale databases available in 110+ languages and accents covering the fields of Text to Speech, Automatic Speech Recognition, Text, Machine Translation, Web Search, Videos, Images etc.
There are some data collection projects of multi-languages are ongoing now. The numbers and languages of databases are kept increasing at a rapid speed.


Data Services


chezailuyinSpeechocean is experienced in providing its customers with data collecting and processing services in 110+ languages e.g. Data collection of Speech (mobile, telephone, in-car, desktop, etc), Text, Handwritings and Speech Transcripting, Web Search Data Labeling, Text Annotating, Translating, Lexicon Building, Image Labeling, etc.


Technical Support


cmpareBased on its experience and rich data resources, Speechocean is capable of providing professional technical support for its clients in the fields of development of tools and special testing and evaluating services for Speech technologies and other softwares.



By sharing the data freely to our member, we help our  academic research members of institutes and companies to develop new technologies ……

Data Resources Platform

Opening the research data resources platform will integrate scientific data resources from many scientific research institutions, enterprises, universities. More and more data information for academic researchers will be severed in time.……


Human Resource Services

Based on Speechocean's rich human resources in both languages and special backgrounds, it helps its clients by providing special talents in many languages.